The Campus Project


2nd Mile Urban Ministries Campus Project exists to reach students with the Gospel through campus bible clubs along with a free lunch.


The Vision is to provide 100,000 meals to reach 10,000 students for Christ by 2030.


  • Spiritual: Introduction to a relationship to Christ.
  • Hunger: Providing a meal for students who are hungry.
  • Counseling: Providing a listening ear for students.
  • Mentors: Providing role models for students.
  • Support: Assisting the teacher, coaches, administrators with the students.
  • Benevolence: Being an asset for resources for students and families.


The Campus project exists to minister to kids on public school campuses. We provide meals students with lunch and pre-game meals. During these meal times we provide a Gospel message of encouragement. We are a resource to assist teachers, coaches, administrators, students and families during crisis. Campus project students are eligible to attend our winter and summer camps and apply for the Timothy Project.