The Camp Project

2nd Mile Urban Ministries Camp Project


2nd Mile Urban Ministries Camp Project exists to provide opportunities for Jr. and Senior High School students to come into a relationship with Christ through a camp experience. 2nd Mile Urban Ministries Camp Project vision is to reach 5000 student with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by 2030.


  • Spiritual Discipleship: Student laying a spiritual foundation for life.
  • Discovery: Willing to step out of comfort zone.
  • Mentorship: Developing healthy relationship with youth and adults.
  • Urban Youth: Providing opportunity for disadvantaged youth.
  • Collaboration: We realize that we can reach students alone.


The camp project will provide students with and opportunity to leave the urban area of their communities and get away twice a year for winter and summer camps. The purpose is to build healthy relationship with students and to provide and opportunity to introduce them to Christ. Jr. and Sr. High students are at the age were many of the decisions they make will affect the rest of their lives. The time away will allow student to put down their guard and be more vulnerable to share dreams, fears, hurts and struggles. This experience will allow students time to be refreshed, refuel and redirect their lives away from destructive decisions.

The camp project will be a component of the Timothy Project for students who will be mentored. This camp project will be an opportunity to find candidates for the Timothy Project.